E6R211: BGP Principles

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This self-paced eLearning course provides an introduction to BGP, one of the most popular routing protocols. This course discusses how BGP is currently being used and its advantages and disadvantages. It shows how to create both internal and external BGP connections, explains BGP messages, discusses how routing decisions are made, and explains route filtering and route maps. It also deals with scaling options using route reflectors and BGP confederations. Included in this course are example videos showing how to configure BGP for iBGP, eBGP, and IPv4 and IPv6, route maps, route reflectors, and confederations.


  • BGP Overview
  • Establishing BGP peering
  • BGP messages and attributes
  • Route decisions and Best Path Selection Algorithm
  • Route tables and route filtering
  • Scaling with confederations and route reflectors
  • Configuration videos


This course is designed individuals responsible for routing protocols. This would include operations personnel, network engineers, system engineers, system integrators, network administrators, and network managers.


A basic understanding of networking




3 hours