E6D305: E6000 CER Advanced Troubleshooting Capstone

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This three-day, instructor-led, lab-intensive course provides a hands-on, simulated real-world environment to apply the troubleshooting concepts learned in the Advanced Troubleshooting eLearning courses: 

  • E6D301: E6000 CER Cable Modem Registration
  • E6D302: E6000 CER Theft of Service Prevention
  • E6D303: E6000 CER RF Impairments
  • E6D304: E6000 CER Capacity and Bandwidth

Students must complete all four eLearning courses before enrolling in this instructor-led lab class. 

This course reinforces the methodology for recognizing, troubleshooting and diagnosing common operational problems. The focus is on troubleshooting cable modem operation in the areas of RF impairments, registration, capacity and bandwidth and denial of service.    


  • Describe and demonstrate a general methodology for identifying and diagnosing CMTS problems on the E6000 CER.
  • Overview common show commands that aid in locating problems and configuration commands that, where applicable, may be used to alleviate or circumvent problems.
  • Gather the appropriate information to hand off to other organizations at the Headend or to ARRIS Technical Support when operations cannot fix or circumvent the problem.
  • Gain hands-on experience in using the methods and CLI commands to troubleshoot problems in the following areas:
    • Physical problems: impairments and NSI issues
    • Modem Registration
    • Capacity and bandwidth
    • Theft/denial of service

Course Specifics

The E6000 CER Advanced Troubleshooting Suite consists of:

  • E6D301: E6000 CER Cable Modem Registration (eLearning, self-paced)
  • E6D302: E6000 CER Theft of Service Prevention (eLearning, self-paced)
  • E6D303: E6000 CER RF Impairments (eLearning, self-paced)
  • E6D304: E6000 CER Capacity and Bandwidth (eLearning, self-paced)
  • E6D305: Advanced Troubleshooting Capstone (instructor-led lab)

(Note: Separate registration and payment is required for each course. Completion of all online courses required to attend this lab course)

Prerequisites: E6D201, E6D301, E6D302, E6D303, E6D304
Price: $2475 per student
Duration: 3 days
Part Number: TRN-E6D305-001

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