WAO201A: WorkAssure Online Technician Training

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Network, Service, and Workforce Assurance


This half-day instructor-led event introduces Technicians to the WorkAssure Online user interface and shows them how to use it to process jobs from leaving the garage to accepting the customer’s signature. They will learn about job status color codes and how to modify equipment for a job order. Technicians will learn how to use WorkAssure Online to perform a house check and send a box hit.

Course Topics

  • Primary Navigation Items
  • Job List
  • Inventory
  • Automatic Status Changes
  • Job Status
  • Break

Course Specifics

Duration: Half day
Price: $2000 per session
Part Number: TRN-WAO201A-002

Additional Delivery Options

Onsite session, Domestic North America, Instructor Travel and Expenses (TRN-WAO201A-003)
Onsite session, International, Instructor Travel and Expenses (TRN-WAO201A-004)

For pricing please contact training@arris.com

Sessions for this instructor-led course are created upon request.

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