E6V101: Digital Video Fundamentals Online Overview - May 2020 Sale - 50% OFF

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This online course introduces fundamental digital video concepts basic to functionality in the
E6000 CER. Topics include: an overview of video concepts and standards, MPEG transport
stream structure, Switched Digital Video, Video on Demand and additional management


DOCSIS engineers not familiar with video concepts.

Course Topics

  • Video Technology Overview
  • MPEG Transport Stream
  • Switched Digital Video Topologies
  • Video on Demand
  • E6000 Management Tools

Course Specifics

Prerequisites: E6000 Hardware Overview and E6000 Operations or successful completion of
the DOCSIS Fundamentals certification exam.
Delivery: Online
Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Cost:  May 2020 Special - $125

Part Number: TRN-DigitalVid-005