DEM400: DEM v4.0 Overview and Operation - May 2020 Sale - 50% OFF

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This web-based training (WBT) course provides a comprehensive overview of the DigiCipher Event Manager (DEM) Version v4.0 and its operation. The course contains text, graphics, review questions and interactive exercises, where appropriate, to present key topics.


This course has been developed for both external customer uplink facility personnel and support staff, including field engineers and TRC/TAC.

Course Topics

  • Overview
  • Modular System v3.0 and DEM v4.0
  • Ad Insertion Concepts
  • The DEM v4.0 GUI
  • Network Connectivity
  • Licensing and Setup
  • DEM v4.0 Operation
  • System Redundancy


May 2020 Special - $125