ADI291: Introduction to Ad Insertion and ConvergeMedia Skyvision Ad Management

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This Level 1 and 2 refresher course provides a training option for clients who have previously completed ARRIS Basic and Advanced Ad Insertion training but are interested in repeating some portion of the material presented. This course presents a summary of key content from both the basic and advanced courses, as well as addresses specific questions the client may have regarding the operation of the ad insertion system.


This course is offered to existing clients who have completed the Introduction to Ad Insertion and ConvergeMedia™ SkyVision Ad Management, and Advanced Ad Insertion courses but would like a refresher course.

Course Topics

  • System Architecture - hardware and software components
  • ConvergeMedia™ SkyVision Ad Management Interface - daily operations, views
  • System monitoring and performance
  • Schedule and verification operations
  • Content management
  • Spot play process
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance

Course Specifics

Prerequisite Course: Introduction to ConvergeMedia™ SkyVision Ad Management and Advanced Ad Insertion courses.
Duration: 3 days
Materials: ConvergeMedia™ SkyVision Ad Management Training Manual and Advanced Ad Insertion Training Manual
Price: $2475 per student
Part Number: TRN-ADI291-001

Additional delivery options:

Onsite or Virtual session, Instructor Travel and Expenses not included (TRN-ADI291-002)
Onsite session, Domestic North America, Instructor Travel and Expenses (TRN-ADI291-003)
Onsite session, International, Instructor Travel and Expenses (TRN-ADI291-004) 

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