CAS: Performing a Code Download to Legacy DC II Set-tops Using CASMR 100 in Place of the DAC 6000 Webcast

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Video Processing and Delivery


This Webcast will show the difference between a DAC Code Download and a CASMR Code Download (Campaign) by demoing how to use CASMR in place of the DAC to a legacy DCII set-top box (DCX3200).


CASMR 100 is a new software product that works in conjunction with DAC 6000 5.2 R1 to provide the delivery of digital video services. It can work in conjunction with 1 or multiple DAC 6000s.

CASMR provides secure access control for digital video distribution systems. In conjunction with DAC 6000 5.x, it provides a wide variety of addressable functions including IPPV, subscription authorizations, and interactive applications. Other supported functions include DTA support, Code Download support for DTA, OCAP, IP and legacy, virtual channel maps, and detailed reporting. 


1 hour