Modular Uplink Solution: Troubleshooting Basics Webcast

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The Modular Uplink Solution provides satellite video programmers a complete solution for generating and securing video delivery over satellite networks. This solution can also be used to securely deliver video over fiber networks as well. The Modular Uplink Solution consists of encoding, multiplexing, encryption, conditional access, modulation, and control elements, providing a complete ecosystem for efficient, simple, and secure video service delivery. Encoding elements support MPEG-2, H2.64 AVC, and HEVC compression formats, for both HD and SD source, with either CBR or stat-mux. Multiplexing provides both service-level and PID-level combining, to create an optimized multi-program transport stream for the bandwidth available. Encryption and conditional access provides secure delivery of each of the services on the multi-program transport stream. Control elements provide encoder redundancy, uplink redundancy, uplink management and control, and downlink IRD management and control.


  • System Monitoring
  • Error Indications
  • Element Failover and Restoration
  • Problem Analysis and Determination


1 hour and 30 minutes


Ted Lowery