SPM310: ServAssure® Performance Management Group Administrators

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Network, Service, and Workforce Assurance


Participants learn how to manage users and groups, as well as how to customize the user interface for individual Groups.


For supervisors and managers who interact with ServAssure® Performance Management.

Course Topics

  • Accessing Account Management features
  • Creating, editing, and deleting user accounts
  • Creating, editing, and deleting group accounts
  • Selecting and canceling users' running reports
  • Viewing or deleting users' events
  • Modifying color coding settings
  • Creating topology sets that are helpful for Groups
  • Creating My ServAssure® Performance Management pages that provide groups with summary and comparison graphs of devices or areas of particular interest
  • Managing voice sessions

Course Specifics

Prerequisite Course: ServAssure® Performance Management Users
Duration: 1/2 day
Materials: ServAssure® Performance Management Group Administrator Workbook
Price: $825 per student
Part Number: TRN-SPM310-001

Additional Delivery Options

Onsite or Virtual session, Instructor Travel and Expenses not included (TRN-SPM310-002)
Onsite session, Domestic North America, Instructor Travel and Expenses (TRN-SPM310-003)
Onsite session, International, Instructor Travel and Expenses (TRN-SPM310-004) 

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