SDV204 Switched Video Analysis (SVA) Operations

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Video Processing and Delivery


This instructor‐led course includes essential information needed to analyze a Switched
Digital Video (SDV) enterprise. Participants are shown a functioning SVA system with log files
from an SDV deployment of 285 HD and SD services across numerous service groups.
Participants learn how to effectively use the SVA application to identify network hot spots
and channel usage trends for all or select service groups. New SVA 5.0 features include
simulation using "What‐If‐Scenarios" for proposed changes in SDV SG tuner size, channel bitrate
assignments, number of QAMs assigned to SGs, channel movement from broadcast to
switched tiers, and channel additions to determine congestion scenarios.


Operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning, planning, and engineering personnel.

Course Topics


  • SVA overview, dashboard, and report generator
  • SVA network management
  • SVA program/channel usage
  • SVA‐SDV simulation, configuration, and management

Student hands‐on lab activities

  • SVA menus, administration, report generator
  • Network management: SG bandwidth and blocking events
  • Channel usage, ratings, and viewership
  • Simulation, SVA configuration, managementSessions for this instructor-led course are created upon request.

Course Specifics
Prerequisites: Switched Broadcast 2‐day Configuration Class
Duration: 2 day
Materials: SVA Training Guide and SVA User Guide
Price: $1650 per student
Part number: TRN-SDV204-001

Additional Delivery Options

Onsite or Virtual session, Instructor Travel and Expenses not included (TRN-SDV202-002)
Onsite session, Domestic North America, Instructor Travel and Expenses (TRN-SDV202-003)
Onsite session, International, Instructor Travel and Expenses (TRN-SDV202-004) 

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