MSP202: MSP AdEdge COM ADM/Ad Cache Configuration and Operation

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Video Processing and Delivery


This 3 day, hands-on course covers the MSP ad splicing chassis and the AdEdge COM server. Students will walk through a typical installation, including setting up the communication between the AdEdge COM and the MSP. Chassis, network, and program configuration and provisioning will be discussed with hands-on labs for each section.

The focus of the course is the use of the MSP1200 and MSP2800 chassis for ad insertion using the ad cache capabilities of the MSP and the ADM feature of the AdEdge COM server. The discussion and labs will include splicing using virtual zones and the use of the Video Management System (VMS) for both the MSP and AdEdge COM. In addition, the student will configure programs for ad insertion using ad caching on both the MSP and AdEdge COM. The use of out of band (and the ARRIS Scout and Cue Router) and in band cue tones is contrasted. The course includes an overview of the troubleshooting tools available for the MSP and AdEdge COM and a troubleshooting lab.


Operations, administration, maintenance and provisioning, planning, and engineering personnel.

Course Topics

  • Introduction
  • Ad Cache and ADM Architecture
  • AdEdge COM Architecture
  • MSP Ad Cache Configuration
  • Lab 1: Configure MSP
  • ADM Configuration
  • Lab 2: Configure AdEdge ADM
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Lab 3: Monitor and Troubleshoot

Course Specifics

Prerequisites: MSP Splicing Installation and Configuration
Duration: 3 days
Materials: Presentation Guide and Lab Manual
Price: $2475 per student
Part number: TRN-MSP202-001

Additional Delivery Options

Onsite or Virtual session, Instructor Travel and Expenses not included (TRN-MSP202-002)
Onsite session, Domestic North America, Instructor Travel and Expenses (TRN-MSP202-003)
Onsite session, International, Instructor Travel and Expenses (TRN-MSP202-004) 

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