Digital Headend Operations eLearning Course

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This self-paced, modular video eLearning class covers the same material that the four-day, instructor-led course provides which is in-depth coverage of the installation, operation and maintenance of digital headend components (OM2000, ARPD1000, SEM v8, APEX1000, and SDM). 

The course consists of seven modules. Each module contains a self-paced video presentation and a quiz at the end to test understanding. In-depth demos are substituted for hands-on lab exercises.


Upon completion of the course, when given a list of review questions, the student will be able to:

  • Trace the digital signal path through the system, from the uplink facility to the customer home and back to the Digital Addressable Controller (DAC)
  • Identify the primary function of each device in the digital headend
  • List where Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM) and Quadrature Phase Shift Keying (QPSK) modulation are used
  • Describe what a Media Access Control (MAC) address and an Internet Protocol (IP) address are
  • Describe the use of PIDs, PATs, and PMTs in MPEG packets
  • Describe the purpose of out-of-band and return path data streams in the digital headend
  • List the primary input and output interfaces on the OM, ARPD 1000, SEM v8 and APEX1000
  • Identify OM's role(s) in the Emergency Alert System (EAS)
  • List the SEM's and APEX 1000's operating modes
  • Download Element Managers
  • Order the steps for an initial configuration of the SmartStream Device Manager (SDM)
  • Order the steps to upgrade/downgrade a device's firmware using the SDM
  • List the sequence of steps to restore the SDM's database

Course Topics

  • Module 1 - Digital Headend System Overview [21 minute lesson]
  • Module 2 - Data Communications and Networking Principles [24 minute lesson]
  • Module 3 - Out-of-Band Modulator (OM2000) [34 minute lesson / 13 minute demo]
  • Module 4 – Advanced Return Path Demodulator (ARPD 1000) [19 minute lesson / 8 minute demo]
  • Module 5 - SmartStream Encryptor Modulator (SEM v8) [34 minute lesson / 20 minute demo]
  • Module 6 - All Purpose Edge QAM (APEX1000) [41 minute lesson / 33 minute demo]
  • Module 7 - SmartStream Device Manager (SDM) 
    • 5 lessons as follows: [13 minute lesson], [18 minute lesson / 26 minute demo],[18 minute lesson / 21 minute demo], [16 minute lesson / 21 minute demo],
      [7 minute lesson / 21 minute demo]

Course Details

Price: $825 per student
Part Number: TRN-DHEOPS-005
Time: Approximately 6.5 hours in total (video content and quizzes)