DAC Operations eLearning Course

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This modular, eLearning video course provides in-depth coverage of the configuration and operation of the DAC 6000 Digital Addressable Controller (V5.x). Topics include a digital addressable system overview, hardware descriptions, DAC configuration steps, downloading objects to terminals, and system troubleshooting. It prepares personnel to configure downstream and upstream plants, define services and programs, create virtual lineups linked to channel maps, and perform two-way operations on the DAC 6000.

The course consists of eleven modules that cover specific features and functions of the DAC 6000 as well as demonstrations of the associated DAC operations screens. Each module contains a self-paced video presentation and a quiz at the end to test understanding.


By the end of the course, the student will have a working knowledge of how to:

  • Know the benefits of digital technology and identify devices in the digital headend
  • Have a good understanding of Data Communications and Networking Principles
  • How to administer users and groups, establish Time Zones, and manage certificates
  • How to configure devices, Headends, DSP’s, and USP’s in the DAC
  • Add Sources, Services, Packages, Programs, and External Service Sets
  • Build Channel Lineups, Channel Maps, Deploy them, and Refactor Channel Lineups
  • Add Terminals and Perform Terminal Operations on STB’s
  • Create and download firmware and software to STB’s
  • Maintain security on the DAC
  • Create, Run, and Schedule Reports as well as Import and Export Database information
  • Monitor and manage the health of your DAC System

Course Topics

  • Module 1 - Digital Addressable System Overview (Approx. 29min including quiz )
  • Module 2 - Data Communications and Networking Principles (Approx. 43min including quiz )
  • Module 3 – Administration (Approx. 43min including quiz )
  • Module 4 – Topology (Approx. 1hr 27min including quiz )
  • Module 5 - Content (Approx. 37min including quiz )
  • Module 6 – Channels (Approx. 34min including quiz )
  • Module 7 – Consumer (Approx. 31min including quiz )
  • Module 8 - Code Download (Approx. 46min including quiz )
  • Module 9 – Security (Approx. 11min including quiz )
  • Module 10 – Data (Approx. 16min including quiz )
  • Module 11 – System (Approx. 17min including quiz )


This Course is for DAC system administrators, DAC technical personnel, DAC headend personnel, and pay-per-view (PPV) coordinators, and personnel responsible for CPE download operations.

Course Specifics

Duration: Approximately 6.3 hours in total (Video content and quizzes)

Price: $825 per student
Part Number: TRN-DACOPS-005