CASMR Operations eLearning Course

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This modular, eLearning video course provides in-depth coverage of the configuration and operation of CASMR 100. Topics include System Access, User Administration, DAC Configuration, DTA Configuration, DTA Terminal Management, Plug-ins, System Maintenance, Code Download using CAST, and Installation Procedure.

The course consists of ten modules that cover specific features and functions of CASMR as well as demonstrations of the associated CASMR operations screens. Each module contains a self-paced video presentation and a quiz at the end to test understanding.


By The end of the course, the student will have a working knowledge of how to:

  • Build out their topology, create channel maps, and manage terminals
  • Install plugins for added features
  • Download code objects; create campaigns; and download and deploy campaigns
  • Maintain the system and troubleshoot issues

Course Topics

  • Module 1: Overview - Access the System (Approx. 20min including quiz)
  • Module 2: Administration (Approx. 22min including quiz)
  • Module 3: Topology (Approx. 30min including quiz)
  • Module 4: Channel Maps (Approx. 10min including quiz)
  • Module 5: Terminal Management (Approx. 18min including quiz)
  • Module 6: Plugins (Approx. 22min including quiz)
  • Module 7: CAST (Approx. 34min including quiz)
  • Module 8: Code Downloads (Approx. 22min including quiz)
  • Module 9 : System Maintenance (Approx. 10min including quiz)
  • Module 10: Troubleshooting (Approx. 16min including quiz)


This Course is for DAC administrators, DAC technical personnel, DAC headend personnel, and individuals responsible for code download to CPE devices.

Course Specifics

Duration: Approximately 3.4 hours in total (Video content and quizzes)

Price: $625
Part Number: TRN-CASMROPS-005