E6V209: DSG Basics

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This half day, instructor-led course will provide an overview of the DOCSIS Set-top Gateway. The course discusses the DOCSIS specifications and components, as well as how those components work together to provide video service. The course also focuses on the configuration of the E6000 CER for DSG Operation. Some topics covered include DAC Configuration, CLI Configuration, and DSG Tunnel Configuration. Finally, this course highlights the show commands used to monitor DSG on the E6000 CER.

Course Topics

By the end of this course students will be able to:

  • Define the DOCSIS Set-top Gateway and identify its specifications.
  • Describe how traditional Out of Band messaging works.
  • Explain the procedures for configuring eCM and eSTB. 
  • Compare DSG Basic and DSG Advanced modes.
  • Describe the purpose of DSG tunnels and their processes.
  • Identify the functions of Downstream Channel Descriptors and DSG Classifiers.
  • Configure the E6000 for DOCSIS Set-top Gateway Operation.
  • Identify the different show commands that display all DSG configuration information.

Course Specifics

Prerequisite Courses/Knowledge: E6D201: E6000 CER Operations
Duration: half day. Onsite or Virtual session, Instructor Travel and Expenses not included
Price: $2,000 per session
Part number: TRN-E6V209-002

Additional Delivery Options

Onsite session, Continental U.S., Instructor Travel and Expenses (TRN-E6D201-003)
Onsite session, International, Instructor Travel and Expenses (TRN-E6D201-004) 

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