E6D302: E6000 CER Theft of Service Prevention (Release 5.0)

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This online course presents common ways theft of service can occur in a CATV network such as modem cloning or reuse of a valid modem configuration file.  The course examines how E6000 CER features can be configured to prevent these and other types of service threats in the cable network.  This course is based exclusively on DOCSIS issues.

Please note:  This course is part of an E6000 Advanced Troubleshooting Suite. This robust program equips operators and technicians to address the real world challenges that come with operating the E6000 CER in today's network.  The suite consists of four web-based courses followed by a capstone instructor-led course that has intensive hands-on troubleshooting labs.

The complete E6000 Advanced Troubleshooting Suite consists of:

  • TRN-E6D301-005:  E6000 CER Cable Modem Registration (online, self-paced)
  • TRN-E6D302-005:  E6000 CER Theft of Service Prevention (online, self-paced)
  • TRN-E6D303-005:  E6000 CER RF Impairments (online, self-paced)
  • TRN-E6D304-005:  E6000 CER Capacity and Bandwidth (online, self-paced)
  • TRN-E6D305-001:  Advanced Troubleshooting Capstone per student (instructor-led lab)

(Note: Separate registration is required for each course.)

This course also prepares you for CERT410: E6000 CER Foundation certification.

Course Topics

  • Theft of Service Overview
  • IP Packet Filtering
  • Upstream Drop Classifiers
  • Access Control Lists
  • Source Verification
  • TFTP Enforcement/Dynamic Shared Secret
  • Dual Shared Secret
  • Cable Modem MAC Deny List
  • Baseline Privacy Interface


Understanding of DOCSIS and prior E6000 CER Operations instructor-led course attendance. 




90-120 minutes