E6D101: E6000 CER Hardware Overview (Release 6.0)

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This course presents an overview of the E6000 CER hardware for Release 6.0.  Topics include how the E6000 CER functions in the network, descriptions of front/back chassis modules for Generation 1 and Generation 2, and includes overviews of upstream and downstream DOCSIS 3.1 capabilities.  Also included is an explanation of how to access online technical support.  Practice quiz questions are provided throughout the course to check your knowledge retention. 

Are you already familiar with the E6000 CER?  No problem!  An assessment quiz before the first lesson gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge.  If you pass, you are directed to the second lesson where you will learn about the new features contained in Release 6.0.

Course Topics

  • E6000 CER in the Network
  • Front Chassis Components
  • Rear Chassis Modules
  • Front and Rear Module Details
  • As ARRIS overview
  • Review Quiz


A basic understanding of CATV systems, RF plant fundamentals, and data networking.


90-120 minutes