A KreaTV Introduction

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A KreaTV Introduction - A high-level introduction to the KreaTV software stack and SDK, explaining what it is, and how it can benefit your business. This 30 minute video course is presented by Niall McCaffrey, an experienced support engineer who works with both KreaTV software development and customer training workshops. 

KreaTV is a software platform, running on ARRIS Set-Top Boxes, and is designed to provide operators with a mature, stable environment for TV-centric software development. It makes it easy for operators to rapidly develop solutions, and to easily deploy and manage those solutions across a population of different STBs. KreaTV handles the integration work towards back-end services like video streamers and CA systems, giving operators the freedom and flexibility to evolve and change their solutions in response to continuing market demands.

This introductory video training covers the KreaTV software platform architecture, its multi-application model, and provides an overview of the operational and management processes. It also provides a deep look into the KreaTV SDK, walking you through the documentation, tools and developer-friendly features.

Video recorded by subject matter expert. Click on "Help & Resources" for video transcripts.


Chapter 1 - A KreaTV Introduction
Chapter 2 - Software Stack
Chapter 3 - Working with the Platform
Chapter 4 - Software Development Kit
Chapter 5 - Field Operations


29 minutes