E6D202: ARRIS RPHY Overview and Implementation - eLearning

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This eLearning course introduces the ARRIS Unified Remote PHY solution for E6000 CCAP Core 5.0 and E6000n RPD 1.0. The course content is divided into two parts. Part 1 provides a conceptual overview including  the benefits of Remote PHY, a system overview, and Remote PHY protocols. Part 2 focuses on configuration and troubleshooting and includes simulated command demonstrations. Both parts of the course include  practice quiz questions to check your knowledge retention. 


PART ONE: Remote PHY Fundamentals and Protocols

  • Why Remote PHY?
  • System Overview
  • RPD Protocols

PART TWO: Basic E6000 CCAP Core and E6000n RPD Configurations

  • Basic Configurations
  • Security, Logging and Software Updates
  • Show Commands


A basic understanding of CATV systems, RF plant fundamentals,  and data networking. Experience with the E6000 CCAP Core and basic DOCSIS knowledge required. 

Recommended courses include: E6D201 E6000 CER Operations,  TEC202 DOCSIS Basics, TEC301 DOCSIS Essentials,  and TEC302 Understanding DOCSIS 3.1.




120-150 minutes