CERT410 ARRIS Certification Exam: E6000 CER Foundation

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Test your proficiency with the E6000 CER by obtaining your E6000 CER Foundation Certification. This rigorous two-hour online proctored exam allows learners to assess their knowledge of E6000 CER hardware, operations, troubleshooting, and so much more. The exam also covers in-depth topics including, but not limited to: cable modem registration, IP packet filtering, source verification, RF impairments, quality of service (QoS), and modem steering.

Participants are highly encouraged, but not required to have taken the ARRIS E6000 CER Foundation curriculum prior to taking the E6000 CER Foundation Certification. Participants may reference materials such as student guides, study guides, and other notes taken during E6000 CER foundation curriculum classes during the exam.

Recommended Courses

The E6000 CER Foundation Certification includes content covered in the following ARRIS training courses:  

  • E6D101: E6000 CER Hardware Overview
  • E6D201: E6000 CER Operations
  • E6D301: E6000 CER Cable Modem Registration
  • E6D302: E6000 CER Theft of Service Prevention
  • E6D303: E6000 CER RF Impairments
  • E6D304: E6000 CER Troubleshooting Capacity and Bandwidth

Course Specifics

Participants must arrange a testing time with the ProctorU proctoring service as described in the email message received after registering for the E6000 CER Foundation Certification. The exam will be accessible after scheduling a time for proctoring with ProctorU.

Please note that there is a $25 test-taking fee charged by ProctorU.

Questions about certification or enrollment? Please send an email message with the subject “Certification Inquiry” to training@arris.com.

Maximum Allowed Exam Completion Time: 2 hours

Cost: $300

Part NumberTRN-CERT410-007