E6000 CER Administration Suite: IPDR Topics

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In this course, you will learn how to configure and remove exporters and collectors, and customize default settings including the data acknowledge, or DATA-ACK Window, DATA-ACK Timeout, Keep-Alive Interval, Query and Streaming Ports, Collector Connectivity, and Support for IPDR CMTS Utilization Statistics Service Definition.


  • IPDR Overview
  • IPDR Session Methods Overview
  • IPDR Records Overview
  • Configure Cable Metering
  • Configure Cable Metering Collector
  • Configure Cable Metering KEEP-ALIVE Interval
  • Configure Cable Metering Streaming and Query Port
  • Configure Cable Metering Mode
  • Configure Cable Metering Export
  • Configure DOCSIS 2.0 Report Cycle
  • Configure Cable Metering DATA-ACK Timeout
  • Configure Cable Metering DATA-ACK Window
  • Configure Cable Metering Session ID
  • Configure DOCSIS 3.0 Report Cycle
  • Configure DOCSIS 3.0 Exporting Session
  • Collector Connectivity
  • Support for IPDR CMTS Utilization Statistics Service Definition


$250 total price includes all courses listed under E6D203 E6000 CER Administration Suite.  


20 minutes for this modularized course that is part of the E6000 CER Administration Suite.


This course is accessible only through the E6000 CER Administration Suite curriculum.  It is not available as a standalone course.